What We Do

Star Plating does all types of zinc chromating, hexavalent & trivalent (ROHS complaint) bright and with our dyes we are able to produce and match any color. We also do bright tin & matte tin as well cleaning & bright dipping, and we have a dedicated line for passivating. Additionally, Star Plating has adapted barrel technology to accommodate parts that previously were rack plated for as a cost-effective option for some of our customers. We also provide a baking service with our large capacity ovens (to reduce hydrogen embrittlement) and are looking to develop a black oxide line in the near future.

Plating Finishes (Commercial Thickness .0001-.00015” Thick)

Bright Zinc
Zinc & Blue Chromate ( also called clear or blue/ bright chromate
Zinc with Yellow Chromate
Zinc with Olive Drab Chromate
Zinc Green (dyed forest green or emerald green for grounding screws)
Zinc Orange, Brown, Black, Red, or Blue Color Coding (Dyed)
Simulated Brass or Copper (Zinc Chromate with Dye)
Zinc with Black Chromate
Zinc with Trivalent Chromate* (100-150 hour salt spray )

  • Trivalent blue
  • Trivalent yellow (Tri-blue chromate with yellow, green, or other color dye)
  • Trivalent black

Tin Electroplate (Bright Tin or Matte Finish)


Strip Zinc
Strip other metals
Bake (for Hydrogen Embrittlement)

  • Normal: (4) hours @ 375 deg. F
  • Extended bake up to 24 hrs

Wax, lacquer, or Super Seal
Plating to Specification including certification
Special Handling

Other Services

Passivate Stainless Steel
Chromate Dip Only – available in hexavalent or trivalent in yellow, green, black.

Zinc Strip
Strip other metals
Wax, lacquer, oil, or sealer
Bake Only

  • Normal
  • Extended

Clean and Oil
Clean Only
Bright dip
x-ray fluorescence thickness print-out (without plating)

* includes .0002” plating thickness and Sealer (recommended)